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Traditional industries but also on the micro-channel of the "micro-channel burger" Crisis and opportunities analysis

In recent years , more and more traditional companies tempted to the Internet, have issued a tentative signal to the Internet industry , McDonald's Weibo micro-channel by selling a hamburger , a taxi cab driver software through online passenger information with new ways " to the youth , " the opening movie named Weibo microblogging ...... directly on to say , with the integration of the Internet 's traditional industries is already a trend.

Of course , the Internet is not only traditional industries to test the water above examples , we need to mention another industry more successful integration of recent years - the online travel . With the popularity of the Internet and the rapid development of information technology , the online travel market has developed very rapidly, online booking , spike , sweepstakes, free delivery coupons , buy other new media marketing model have appeared. According to the " 2013 China Tourism Development Report ," the relevant data, the growth rate of the past two years, online travel up to 50% , in 2012 the overall market turnover has more than 250 billion yuan , is expected to 2014 , China's online travel market transaction size will exceed 450 billion yuan . The above data , the Internet and traditional industry collaboration brings value is evident.

Whether retail or catering, or tourism , traditional industries are in a unique form of integration with the Internet , the traditional industries , the Internet is no longer an unrelated industry itself , become closely linked with its own platform. China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the monitoring data show that as of June 2013 , small and medium -scale domestic users use third-party e-commerce platform ( including the same company registered on different platforms but does not include duplicate registration on the same platform ) has exceeded 18000000 .

But there are still many traditional businesses into the Internet need to be resolved , is the most direct conflict with the traditional channels and new business models will persist, if no solution is found , it will directly affect the company's performance .

Li Ning company, for example , by the end of 2007 , Li Ning company started cooperation with Taobao online shopping channels, some of Taobao stores meet the qualifications to be incorporated Li Ning . In cooperation with Taobao after accumulated some experience , in April 2008 , Li Ning official online store opened, hoping to reduce sharply the store rent, labor and other costs through e-commerce platform, and everything seems to be in an orderly manner ; but last year, Li Ning 's distributors complain , cheap discount online sales has affected the physical store sales, online pricing is even lower than most of the distributors purchase discount , making the impact of the store temporarily unable to operate the line .

In contrast, the practice is quite clever Suning , the stores of the Internet era O2O snatch the initiative as the killer , through a combination of online and offline under O2O model suitable for their own development to find direction . Relying on the existing line of this powerful resource , the integration of online and offline strength Ali , Jingdong such traditional electricity providers can not match.

Many have "net" has proven examples of traditional enterprises , traditional industries have financial resources and industry networking experience, and Internet companies owns technological superiority and long-term operational experience success with their own advantages. The author believes that the internet to find their own way of life , is the traditional business problems in the open Internet channel to think about.

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