Account Manager
1, as long as you have a hobby for Internet products, as long as you have a monthly income of tens of thousands of dreams, then we welcome you to join our source of power enterprises, joint selling our products: website building design, website, custom development projects, solutions, mobile terminals, independent sales network platform for cooperation;

php developer
An undergraduate degree in computer related majors;
2, proficient in LAMP development, proficient in MySQL + PHP, familiar with DHTML, Javascript / AJAX, CSS, HTML / XML and other related WEB technology;
3, two or more B / S structure software or website development experience, familiar with cache technology, template technology, static file generation;
4, proficient in object-oriented programming, active thinking, careful thought, to consider the issue fully, there is a strong logical thinking ability and system design capabilities;
5, there is the new technology acumen, with a strong spirit of intensive study, there is not not give up perseverance;
6, have a good team spirit, cheerful, to be proactive to help other colleagues, is responsible for coordination of resources to complete the work;
7, familiar with the mainstream CMS system architecture, Internet development technologies, and have the relevant experience of successful projects;
8, proficient in Linux operating system environment, familiar with the excellent open source product source code is preferred.

WEB Clipart
1 At least 2 years working experience in website graphic design;
2 good aesthetic ability and creativity, color sense of strong, independent design, create web pages;
3 Good communication skills and ability to comprehend, dedication and excellent work efficiency;
4 skilled use of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and other graphic processing technology;
5 can skillfully use div + css layout, the production site is well compatible with IE and fixfox currently used browser;
6, good teamwork, serious and responsible, good communication;
7, creative and have a unique design concept, a good concept of creativity performance capabilities. Candidates should bring their own work;

LINUX system administrator
1 computer-related professional;
2.1 years of linux system administration experience, familiar with a variety of Linux operating platforms, proficient in Linux system administration and maintenance;
3 Familiar Linux kernel frame structure;
4 familiar with database Mysql, familiar with MySQL and other database maintenance, including backup, restore, load, etc.;
5.Familiar linux system security and system performance optimization;
6 Strong analytical, solve network, server system solving abilities;
7 Proficient common network equipment commissioning, use;
8 Good verbal and written reporting capabilities;
9 can be hard, under pressure, with good team spirit, good communication skills.

Web Editor
A charge of IT website content editing work to improve website traffic. Have work experience in IT website editor, familiar IT technology is preferred.
(2) to carry out interviews, writing, soliciting work and other text editing.
3 planning techniques class topics;
4 The independence and initiative, careful, there is a strong sense of responsibility.
5 high professionalism, dedication and team spirit, good communication skills and bearing capacity.
6 large space for development, the challenge is strong, steadfast invite serious efforts to join.
7 computer science graduate; English six, with a strong English reading comprehension, and have the ability and the English translation of press releases soliciting original capacity.
8 with strong writing skills and communication skills, be able to conduct interviews, writing, soliciting work, organization of thematic and technical content.

Customer Service Officer
1,20-30 years of age, information management / computer, etc., bachelor degree or above;
2, master common office software, ERP, OA have some understanding;
3, work is meticulous, with a strong sense of responsibility;
4, to understand computer-related application software operation is preferred.

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