System Architect: Alexa (like the development of freedom, like I am now free)

Professional php development engineers, IT power core backbone members, with eight php development experience. Worked at Huawei, ZTE and other large enterprises. IT Power is now full-time guidance technology development;

System planning to lead multiple projects, and develop project mission statement and project schedule;

Overall responsibility for the project with the client related aspects of communication and coordination;

More than five years experience in IT project management;

Treated php + mysql + linux + apache large systems ten million, one hundred million image storage, web high concurrency, mysql high load project combat experience.

Systems Engineer: JOM

Rich LINUX system maintenance experience.

LVS load balancing on the WEB and MYSQL master from a backup, there have been separate read and write the actual project experience. Online services to help enterprises solve the bottlenecks and MYSQL WEB bottlenecks.

For network cabling, server purchases, Internet telephony has been the actual project experience.

Now at the first domestic fashion information website for system operation and maintenance companies.

PHP Development Engineer: Ken

Eight WEB development experience. Skilled use of php, asp, development language.

Worked for well-known fashion information company, technical team to reach twenty people. The WEB platform upgrade, revision, maintenance and internal management are fully coordinated process. And helping customers a multi-project information electronically solutions technology.

Ten million images stored in the settlement, ten million database optimization has a wealth of experience. And full-text search on the station conducted a thorough analysis, and can be carried out independently of each station site search solution, Huawei internal forum has helped over ten million data retrieval and real-time data retrieval proposed and implemented through practical programs.

Now for a number of well-known enterprises in technological development consultant. Effectively help customers solve difficult technical problems.

And organized Shenzhen repeatedly PHPer salon gatherings. Contribute to the development of Shenzhen PHP.

PHP Development Engineer: Ayewhy (what is the end, not the end, but I will still chase at the end)

Professional front-end designers, freewheeling style, enjoy the luxury of showing the effect of bringing the front end. Rich HTML, XHTML + DIV + CSS, Javascript script development experience; pair FLASH, Flex and AS developer who has studied;

Proficient w3c standards, skilled handwriting smooth html page, can accurately detailed planning CSS structure; familiar with all major browsers compatible debug;

Have a deeper perception of the user experience;

Has completed a number of e-commerce website, flash games, the financial community, Fashion Information Network and other projects. The team led by more than ten development experience.

Design Director: Joy-C (the pursuit of excellence, the design will shine.)

Seven sites and software design experience, hardcore UI interface designer. Joy to comply with minimalist design concept, but the design process is not cut corners, to build excellent user experience systems, excellent product performance and shaping force, it must be brand DNA, product personality, conceptual models, interactive architecture, and visual communication, visual important factor equal to the same, the only way a comprehensive integration, in order for customers to build systematic user experience and design solutions.

Our technical advantages:

Enterprise source for professional Internet software development and application services, has extensive experience in the development and application of Internet technology, in the construction site, a large data processing, office automation and other fields with enterprise leading technology, is the site of construction technology software pioneer, a large leader in the field of data processing. Independent research and development, including site search engine (SearchSiteEngine), large data processing cloud platform (cloud computing), office engines (OfficeEngine), etc., as follows:
1, the enterprise open source community source power Yong forerunner, relying on independent research and development of the IT industry information system "IT Power" technology interactive platform for the majority of IT people to provide various types of development and system architecture and other online interactive technology exchange and sharing of technical case, and also the open source community dedicated several open source systems such as fingerprint authentication system procedures, data backup systems self-energy, PHP development framework, full text search.
2, corporate self-developed high-performance full source power station search engines (SearchSiteEngine) system, the system Sphinx-based independent research and publishing, specializing in Chinese search and information processing field for industry / vertical search, forums / station search, database search, document / literature search, information retrieval, data mining and other application scenarios, supporting real-time incremental indexing add, has been applied to customers, the largest amount has been recorded more than 3 billion, the text has more than 5TB capacity of the largest product line of big data applications.
3, the source for independent research and development enterprise (distributed system) distributed deployment system architecture, distributed systems (distributed system) is built on top of software systems in the network. Because of the characteristics of the software, the distributed system has a high degree of cohesion and transparency. Therefore, the network and the difference between distributed systems is that more high-level software (especially operating systems) rather than hardware. Cohesion refers to each node in a distributed database, a high degree of autonomy, with the local database management system. Transparency refers to the distribution node for each database user applications are transparent, do not see is local or remote. In a distributed database system, users do not feel the data is distributed, ie, the user does not have to know whether the relationship split, with or without a copy of the data stored in the transaction in which sites and which site execution.
4, corporate source for independent research (Load balancing) load-balancing system, the system uses IP load balancing technology and content-based request distribution technologies. Scheduler has a good throughput, the request is transferred to a different equilibrium executed on the server, and the server scheduler automatically masked faults, which will constitute a group of servers in a high-performance, highly available virtual server. The structure of the entire server cluster is transparent to the customer, but without modifying the client and server-side program. To this end, the system need to be considered in the design of transparency, scalability, high availability, and ease of management.
5, application development in a number of medium to large portals and information sites. Like the apparel industry: Butterfly hearing the entire large platform (enterprise network, the member center, help center, call center, Web: clothing online, footwear net, luggage net, net trend of high-end clothing, shoes, bags and so on high-end trend network) are Our core staff from the company's technology development and maintenance; Furnishings Network - furnishings industry portal; IT Power - Internet technology to exchange information and blog; our services to these customers, so I have a wealth of experience in project development and complex medium to large sites processing capability.

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