2014-05-30 source for Shenzhen Enterprises Ltd. moved to a new office address: 204, 7th Floor, Room 715, East Block, Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Che Kung Temple Industrial Zone (Terra) Trade and Industry Park, the company expanded area of five times;

2014-12-30 source for micro-enterprises in Shenzhen City, Butler V2.0 software copyright certificate application is successful

Source for micro enterprises on 2013-10-07 housekeeper line version V2.0

Source for micro enterprises on 2013-08-30 housekeeper line version V1.0

2013-06-28 Shenzhen Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established corporate source

2012-11-22 ITPower:committed tocreatingenterprise informationsoftwareservice operationsprofitablenew model

2012-11-19 ITindustry informationpowercontractors2012tourofficiallyset sailSoftware Network

2012-10-31Softwareindustry informationnetworkTour-Guangzhou stationbusinesscall-up orders!

2012-09-19SMEinformatization constructionbuildingintegrated serviceoperatorsinvitedThingsExpo

2012-08-29 ITPowerwon the "2012ChinaIndustryInformation TechnologyAward forthe mostpotential commercial value."

2012-08-04 ITpowerpeakGuidesectionnowbakedhelp enterpriseinformation technology marketof the fanscrack

2012-07-06 ITPowerPartnersummoned

2012-06-21pinnacleResearch:hinderSMEinformatization constructionfourresistance

2012-06-11 ITpowerunveiledinformation service platformsoftware expohalllitShantou

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