Enterprisesource of powerisaprofessional team, team membersare fromlarge domesticInternet companies, the teamhas from thedevelopment, designtooperation and maintenance, implementation,first-classtechnologyservices sectors, in line withthe principle ofwin-win situationfor you tocreate the mostin line with corporatedemand forInternet products.
We have a professionalmanagement team: years oflarge,medium-sizedcompany's projectmanagers,technical director,completeclients entrustedto control thedemand forconstructionsitesand informationprograms;
We have ateam ofprofessional products:understanding of customer needsin various industries,analysis needs.It is possible toput forwarda comprehensiveanalysis of customerneeds andtapthe potential demand forthem;
We have aprofessional development team: the developmentteam,has a wealth ofexperience in the development, andproject timeand riskto controlboth havetenyears of experience;
We have professionaltest team:each producton-line,are inseparable from theprofessionaltestersfinaltesting to ensurethat ourtesting professionalshave extensiveexperience inblackbox testing,make yourproducts moreflawlesson-line,delivered to customers.
We have a professionaloperation and maintenance team: Serviceson the lineof products,ouroperations teamsin the securityand maintenancecan be donein7 *24 hoursresponse service.

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