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Site is to let the outside world to understand the business itself, establish a good corporate image, and appropriate to provide a certain service carrier.

Smart site is to provide such a vehicle for a particular enterprise or individual services, its role is to show that businesses or individuals for the introduction of a product, service, or idea, etc. ...

IT Power Smart website not only to meet the general needs of exhibition sites, particularly reflected in the smart site "intelligent features" can be intelligent, personalization and customization, from a technical, functional and other aspects of planning, allowing the system to do to a simple, practical and humane, to achieve a unified resource management, unified content management, personalized interface and modules tailored to help companies build their own personalized network platform.

Intelligent Web site provides more than 20 functional modules for the different needs of customers in any combination to meet the needs of site features, while the professional design team, conduct consistent with industry, business characteristics of interface style design, to create unique display platform.

Smart site mainly contains the following modules, click the module name to view detailed module function:

Company Profile

Can be passed back to add, modify, delete columns (such as: company profile, corporate culture, contact us etc.), can be modified by editing the content, delete. Dynamically manage their own marketing network (especially for group companies, wholesalers and chain organizations). Support branch distribution through the map is displayed. Management system at any time to modify, and delete branches information.

Information dissemination

Information release system, also known as news management system, widely used in a variety of professional websites, government websites, corporate websites, etc. Almost all of the site is to news, information, columns and other information together industry dynamic publishing, management as one of the Web applications. Site managers can update the information on the site and maintenance, support for multi-level classification, you can set the date, topical information mark; support the autonomy of the information display time settings; support statistical traffic information inquiry function; support product personalized recommendations that can setting different recommendations column, the associated information is recommended.


Enterprises through management background, classified according to the characteristics of enterprise products, visitors can classify the product and keyword search. You can set a variety of product attributes, display product performance; and can be set to save the classification attribute template, quickly add products; can be ordered online, a member function combine to support a variety of product Price Set; can be set individually for each product-related Information and related products content; can set the product's latest, popular, promotions and other markers; Front support product comparison, product features such as interactive message; and be able to carry traffic statistics by product; support product personalized recommendations, you can set different recommendations section for related products recommended. Product updates and classification changes entirely by corporate self-completed, with significant efficiency and accuracy. Easy to use, effective immediately.


Administrators can add background Job, requirements, benefits, recruitment period, through the network for recruitment. Support online resume delivery and management of various types of recruitment articles; support resume automatic filtering; can set up automatic replies, and you can set up automatic forwarding humane and timely screening qualified resume pushed to the relevant departments.

Membership Management

Join membership management system provides an inlet for managing site membership information, including name, gender, address, telephone, E-MAIL and other personal information, supports a variety of membership levels and members of consumer, membership points set up to support Member permission settings, You can set each of the other members of the module with the binding site between functional modules, such as the combination of products, information dissemination, company profiles, Download Center, online magazine, online surveys, supply and demand information, so that different levels of membership have different viewing and use permission.

Order online

Support online product ordering, through the shopping cart, the submissions ordering products, and fill in the relevant content. Administrators through the backstage view orders, timely collection of the information, as soon as possible related orders, orders can be managed and statistics, support for payment, packaging, shipping method and other settings to provide support for online shopping.

Message boards

The message boards are the most prominent sites of interaction modules, site members and visitors can leave a message, post comments, background on the site administrator to manage and can be a message switch settings, keyword filtering, message word limits and other personalized settings, message The existence of websites and board surfers to build a bridge.

Online Survey

Users of the products on the website of the evaluation of how? Various views on the industry users how? The introduction of a new product or business service, users have expressed how? How effective statistical user's views on hot issues? How effective investigation of some of the views of the enterprise users? How to collect potential users of the enterprise concerned about some of the suggestions and opinions? Intelligent websites online survey module provides a survey of the platform for asking vouchers settings, and statistical analysis of survey results help site managers to better understand a topic of concern and results.

Ad Management

Support advertising setup instructions, advertising content can be dynamically managed, can achieve rolled, couplets, projection and other forms of advertising, to help achieve the effect of publicity, and support for ad clicks statistics to help better understand the advertising bit value for site owners to bring greater benefits.

Download Center

Provide a data upload and download platform, administrators can upload various documents and information to the website visitors have permission to download the same time, site administrators can download the statistics provided by the background situation, the time to understand the popularity of data content extent, content, and data content for the website to provide directions to.

Smart Network Album

Website provides a gallery and album function modules that can function in the background image upload, according to the website of the 3D wall, slide the form of a variety of display screens and other forms of albums, enjoy showing your images, while supporting the encryption feature on the picture .

Online Payment

According to customer's payment interface, online payment, online ordering and with the above products and membership modules combine to create a convenient online shopping platform to meet the needs of online ordering and payment.

Wide search

Administrators can set the query channels and popular keywords for front query using, offering web front query capabilities of each module, you can retrieve the channel set up and manage.

Trade Leads

Supply and demand information to support members, administrators manage the supply and demand information, the administrator can set free supply and demand information types that can be keyword filtering, information word count limit and Trade Leads audit and other personalized settings, information on the supply and demand for intelligent management. Contact information can also be combined with member module, in order to give members of all levels of different data access.

Information collection

According add keywords to gather additional information about the sites; can collate the information will be collected, displayed on the website to support adjustment and management of information, different messages into different sections, the easy to navigate to see.

Site navigation

URL classification management, multi-level navigation classification setting, you can navigate the recommended settings, based on the address to view traffic, collect, navigate by categories and columns and add content management.

Network Magazine

Application of this module, the administrator can create and produce their own electronic magazine for surfers front view, just to provide magazine pictures and want to express the text, can be added. Visitors can magazine column on the site, view flash forms of electronic publications. Support magazine classification, support Special Columns, while supporting the magazine's statistics.

Rights Management

On the site system, each module has its own data functions, in order to more easily administer the site, to make the site a clear division of management, we have designed a rights management module that can add a different administrator, and were given different management rights , is the site management more explicit, more humane.

Site Settings

The basic content of the site settings, such as background music for websites, e-mail and other content settings.

Forums and blog

Smart website owners forum and blog capabilities.

WAP Management

Provide separate background maintenance, front display wap sites.

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