Enterprise source for professional Internet software development and application services, has extensive experience in Internet technologies and applications in the field of construction sites, large data processing, enterprise information systems, with a wealth of success stories, is a pioneer website building technology, big data leader in the field of treatment . Independent research and development , including site search engine (SearchSiteEngine), large data processing cloud platform (cloud computing), office Engine (OfficeEngine), customer relationship management system (CRM) and other variety of high-tech software products for thousands of government departments at all levels , institutions , and large enterprises , SMEs provide a variety of information technology solutions for mobile terminals and mobile applications .

    Micro housekeeper (weixin.itokit.com) is a source of Shenzhen Power Technology Co., Ltd. 's enterprise mobile Internet brand , is a leading provider of solutions for micro applications . Over the years focus on mobile micro- application platform innovation and development, with many excellent domestic enterprises in the depth of cooperation and development in micro- enterprise housekeeper launched a series of business practices based products and solutions. And adhere to rely on the initiative and professional services to continue to meet users' needs and exceed the expectations of users , for the corporate brand communication, brand marketing, provide a strong impetus .

    Micro housekeeper brand foundation in the successful implementation of micro- enterprises on the many outstanding , summed up a set of specifications for the system and the characteristics of the industry , and innovation, beyond the self . The main products include : Micro Mall , micro official website, micro- members , 360 look at the product , a variety of micro- enterprise applications and so on. Adhering to do a stronger micro housekeeper delve into the concept of the company divided by industry project team , dig analyze the actual needs of the industry , and constantly improve the development of industrial applications require monthly an upgrade for customers to create powerful , appropriate system functions ; current prices source micro housekeeper for industry solutions have hotel, wedding , catering , real estate, automotive, medical , clothing, appliances , and electronics.

    Butler 's mission is to promote micro with advances in information technology business , enhance the overall level of mobile Internet applications .

    The source of its corporate brand operates three sites, micro housekeeper , IT Power & Furnishings network , these two web platform in the industry has a good reputation and popularity, is the focus of future development projects in our independent research and collaboration .

   Among them, many major media micro housekeeper , and have carried out follow-up reports .

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