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Micro-channel marketing has quietly entered the automobile business car prices, sales have layout micro-marketing

Today, micro-channel has become the most popular social platforms, smart businesses have registered the micro-channel enterprises account for publicity. Automobile market is also true. Currently, micro-channel has become a large car dealer new favorite marketing activities and become pre-sale and maintain a channel of customers. Southern reporter visited found that the current Huizhou car dealers have adopted a number of micro-channel marketing, but most one-sided propaganda, and no real interaction, marketing results are unsatisfactory.

4S shop to start micro-channel marketing

   " Huizhou × × 4S shop opened it micro-channel , offers information such as your sweep ...... " as the moment the hottest new media channels , micro-channel widely sought after in recent years , just two years, has more than 300 million registered users . Keeping up with the times , innovation companies have taken a fancy micro-channel space of one hundred million users , have entered the micro-channel public platform.

   Data show that as of July this year, 113 car brand in the country , there are 60 brand has established a public account on micro-channel public platform. Southern reporter visited found Huizhou auto market , Shanghai Volkswagen 4S shop Huizhou Hanson , Hui Da Qirui 4S shops, exhibition through Toyota 4S shops, Zhongsheng Lexus 4S shops, most of the mainstream car brand dealers are using the micro-channel marketing .

   Micro-channel marketing a variety of ways , the most common is to push information to provide pre-sales, after-sales service , to a certain extent replaced the SMS, telephone and other traditional marketing methods .

   "4S shop owner if the use of micro-channel to maintain contact between customers ." Huizhou, Shanghai Volkswagen 4S shop sales director Yu Shaohua Hanson told reporters, " especially for the paid customers, the role of micro-channel clearly manifested ."

   Ma Junwei frankly , are doing micro-channel marketing 4S shop a lot, but rarely is successful , it is because the majority of car dealers just unilaterally publicity , and no real interaction. Zhong Bo also said that micro-channel marketing only play a supporting role to promote major network marketing or automotive professional website.

   Auto analyst Zhang Zhiyong said car dealers had been subjected to micro-channel interference. "The current micro-channel marketing results were not satisfactory , because most car dealers to push the message is not the user wants to see, so it will not disturb their work life ." He stressed that if the dealer wants to develop micro-channel marketing, that will certainly be in the content slightly modified , to get rid of this vulgar , generalities marketing should be based on the needs of mobile phone users to push the message that they need.

70% of respondents were willing to join the micro-channel car dealers

   Car dealers in consumer marketing, whether micro-channel cold ? Ever get all kinds of information through the micro-channel ? Recently, the Southern reporter interviewed 30 owners found that more than half of respondents believe that the car 's micro-channel marketing in general. More than 70% of the respondents expressed their willingness to join the micro-channel car dealers , but most of the attention is not always known . Over the people surveyed said they had access to all kinds of information through the micro-channel , few people this is not "cold ."

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