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Industry portal solutions

Source power industry enterprise portal solution is a set of expert-level B2B industry websites to manage applications, is currently the most advanced fifth-generation management based website development technology. Based entirely on Linux / Unix launch of new e-commerce platform for the development and design, the use of B / S structure design, web development using PHP language as a basis for the development of language. MYSQL database using enterprise-class database.

Professional industry portal solutions for customers create their own industry portal platform. Industry members can carry on the portal business promotion, business opportunities, product, show, joining the release of information, website promotion; fully considered the business information needs of the construction industry characteristics and manifestation of its members and between members increased interaction, communication the opportunity to strengthen the supply and buy between management, increase customer business opportunities.

IT solutions for power industry portal prominent feature is the site run faster and more stable, more secure, less expensive server resources, you can reduce costs while increasing the efficiency, and also through a number of professional post testing and improvement, to ensure the realization of the program all the features and pages smoothly. And in the continuous market research to tap new features and needs, and constantly upgrade the program.

IT Power B2B trade portal features introduced:

Industry Directory

Web site owners based on industry characteristics, set up and manage their own industry classification, flexible definition of site characteristics of the industry, companies, products and business opportunities to use the autonomy to set uniform industry classification.

Membership Management

Improve self-management platform member, the member can be achieved through this platform release management company information, product information, business information, JOIN, exhibition information, recruitment information, etc., but also can product inquiry, quotation management.

Background Administrators have membership management functions of the four member states of the four membership levels. Administrators can view and modify membership information, member states and membership levels and other information, and set different membership levels have different content permissions.

Companies database management

According to business model, company size, years of establishment, an industry as well as their respective districts and many other ways to find business information. Enterprise information initiative to join by registered members. Business Yellow Pages industry is the industry portal of basic services.

Business Templates

Industry portal solution provides templates, corporate members can set up according to the background webmaster, select the appropriate template business, show business, product information and membership Join released by the exhibition, recruitment and other information content. Meanwhile, support for templates Banner, and corporate membership site navigation independently set for members to facilitate the construction site.

Product Management

The industry's multi-level product catalog. Product information to meet the characteristics of the industry, by registered members add their own, visitors can follow a variety of ways products. Be able to find the associated product business. Industry product catalog is the industry portal of the basic elements.

Business Database Management

Join released supply, purchase and cooperation, etc. Offers library is a B2B trade portal provides basic services to registered members, one for the industry to build an information publishing platform and opportunities for platform.

Information Management

Powerful information management capabilities for the dissemination of knowledge industry sites, the publishing industry regulations provide a convenient platform. Classification can own additions and modifications to support three.


Released the industry's various exhibitions information to help customers accurately grasp the industry development trend and developing realistic production, management strategies, policies and plans.


Industry portal solutions provide members with business platform to support members to JOIN release, members can publish suitable business investment and franchise information, to attract investment and do business.

Advertising and recommended

Industry portal solutions provide users with advertising and recommendation features, site owners can sell advertising space, as the platform is another means of profit for website operators to help.

RFQ and comments

In order to improve the site interactive, industry portal solution provides a number of comments, support viewer interaction with the site owners comments, support for platform products RFQ, support and consulting on product message function, fully guaranteed a multi-angle communicate commercial platform for the industry to lay the foundation.

Favorites Function

Powerful collection function, collections companies, products and business opportunities and manage them.

Website SEO

Including management and Title & Meta Keywords rule settings. Do a good job for the customer support website promotion.

Industry portal solution also offers Download Center, instant messaging, Recruitment, Links and other functions, to ensure a professional and powerful platform.

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