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Your micro-channel marketing will be better in the end how? Why micro-marketing will fail?

Micro-channel marketing, recently fired hot, but there are many of my friends pointed out that the micro-channel marketing results that are not . Dan is the author of more than Wuhan University marketing professor, he analyzes the reasons for the failure of practitioners of micro-channel marketing . Many entrepreneurs believe that the micro-channel marketing reason invalid because the micro-channel marketing tools is just one of many companies , if a company does not do a good job positioning their products, discover the core competitiveness of products and allow consumers excited selling point, can not produce there are suitable to promote the spread of power contents of the selected channels, can not do a good job of offline and online collaborative planning activities , micro-channel marketing is very difficult to be successful.

   Recently, two friends were to find me, and I talked about micro- marketing, a catering industry veterans , he was doing his own micro- enterprise marketing, he said to do for a few months , results that are not ; one is specializes in micro- marketing services company responsible person , he engaged in micro- marketing industry in July this year , from the first month 2,30 customers , and now less than two or three clients a month , he was very depressed asked me, micro marketing is not the end of the life cycle .

   We see Huang Taiji side , carved sirloin God shine on such a micro- enterprise marketing, one side has seen many companies marketing micro- annihilation in the vast crowd of information ; side of the world to see the Chinese two-dimensional code , individual companies are seeking attention , but to see the Hong Kong side almost no marketing and micro enterprises still thrive.

   Faced with such a state , I think micro- marketing is also the stage into the rational , and micro-marketing is not a panacea , he was just a corporate marketing channels only, in my PFPP ( location, function , marketing , planning ) marketing theory he only accounted for less than one of the status of 1/8 . If you expect a less than 1 /8 of the status of the module to achieve the purpose of your entire enterprise is an impossible task , and can not work. Make a micro- site to a circle of friends to share these tricks to make the eye is unable to carry corporate marketing.

   Let us interpret what PFPP ( location, function , marketing , planning ) marketing theory, from the perspective of the overall marketing , to analyze why your micro- marketing will fail . The first P is the position, orientation . We can choose from three levels to resolve positioning.

   First, what is your product ?

   Answer this question, we analyzed from three aspects :

   1, What are your core competencies ? Something that you do not have people , you people have something better than the others ?

   For example, you have a big outdoor in the city center , you occupy the resources of this monopoly , they do advertising , it must come to you, this is your core competencies.

   However, many business owners are not so lucky in the brutal competition in the market , they did not have anything but his own people did not , people have them better than others , but some people , they also have , others do not , and they did not . Red Sea competition in the enterprise , probably all true.

   Does not matter , even if we can not help clients analyze his core competitiveness, but we can still go down . Continue to analyze .

   2 , What is the nature of your products?

   What is the nature of the camera is ? Than the body , not the lens , more than pixels , the camera is reminiscent of nature . What is the nature of birthday cake is not the stomach to eat a big cake , nor is above the oil devastated cream birthday cake is the essence of party -? Nobody bought a cake to go home, put all of them away, put yourself himself in the dark inside the house , say to yourself : " ! happy Birthday " and then blow out the candles , and that life is much more lonely ah birthday cake must be in three scenarios : ! , and their friends, and their families , and his classmates had together . This is the essence of birthday cake : a party. Around this party, we can design our marketing : all manufacturers through micro-channel platform cake , more than 200 yuan to buy a cake ( this amount is very important, cakes are generally less than 200 , if more than 200 , was a little scale party), we will send a bikini-clad beauty of the cake to the party scene ( note, be sure to party scene , rather than to the customer's home which , otherwise , you know ...... ) . When wearing a bikini beauties , with manufacturers Logo cake cake has appeared in bars, KTV, cafes, almost all of them have restlessness , and definitely will come up with the phone , took the photos. What are they doing ? Sent to their own circle of friends , on their own micro -blog , doing publicity for this cake factory . That's captured the essence of the product, use the product to make the essence of marketing .

   3 , you are the product of excitement is what?

   We go out to travel , for many attractions , the greatest feeling is : not very sorry , very sorry and went to all the scenic spots are emphasized : ! Blue sky, clear water and mountains , small town atmosphere , forest oxygen bar. Only one place , never to emphasize that, but if I said: I 'm going to travel here tomorrow . Almost all my friends will say : " I teacher , I wish you Aventure boundless ! ." Where ? Yes, that Lijiang. Lijiang never talk about the blue sky, clear water and mountains , small town atmosphere , forest oxygen bar , but once we mention him , everyone 's face lit up . This is what we call product excitement. The product is different from the excitement of the product's features , as long as he is the kind mentioned , users will be able to let you have a picture sense , this sense of the screen is the best motivation for him to consume your product .

   Second, who your customers are ?

   If you say , from 6 years old to 60 years old are your consumers, we would not be able to do the marketing . You must be precise positioning of your spending , and is positioned to come and go from multiple dimensions , such as : the age, sex, education, income , etc. These attributes , combined with your product again , his analysis of consumer motivation , why he will buy your product ? why he does not buy your product ? why he would repeat purchase your product ? etc., which have both a thorough study of these , rather than make their own rational dominant sensibility , we can do the business good .

   Third, who your competitors are ?

   Not only are your neighbors and competitors in an industry links in the Internet era , it may be your supplier is also possible that your channel. You do marketing the product in the micro-channel , micro-channel at any time out of a wind chimes , put your shot and died .

   I have a friend who is a regional director of XX beer night market channels, he spoke very seriously , which in night games , XX beer biggest competitor , not Carlsberg , Heineken , the sun , but Jack Daniels , Chivas .

   In some ways , this approach would classify competitors , the Internet is also a thought , not with the product come to identify who your competitors, but come with a consumer to identify your competition concept opponents. Who stole your consumer , who is your competitor !

   F is a second function, the function . Function refers to what you have to do something .

   In general, the function is divided into three levels , the first one is the mission layer is the uppermost layer of the entire enterprise , and what the company's strategic objectives , what business mission?

   The second is the business layer , the business is an enterprise in order to achieve the mission , which must have business units , for example , product department , sales departments, which directly generate benefits for the enterprise .

   The third is the functional layer is the functional layer in order to achieve enterprise business , which must have functional departments , such as finance, administration , marketing and so on.

   These are companies seeking marketing before , must be clear and curing level, determine the function of each level , using the power of the organization to drive business growth.

   The third P is promotion, promotion. Promotion divided into two parts , one is the content , is a channel. Among them, the channel includes newspapers, magazines, television and radio outdoor elevator microblogging letter , etc. Thus, microblogging half of this letter is just a part of the four links in less than . Looks beautiful micro- marketing, can help you do what result?

   Content is more important than the channels, creative content , combined with the hot topic nowadays are very important. For example, one of my friends asked me to forward a micro-Bo , after I read , that I did not mean !

   So I told him , I helped him change it copywriting, let him publish again , let me assure forward than better . At that time happens to be March 20 , I combine the current hotspot redesigned copy.

   Such a modification , the effect of greatly improved spread , according to Taobao background data analysis , 90% of the traffic comes from this one microblogging.

   The fourth P is plan, plan .

   Be sure to link planning online and offline to be combined , and the need to do a two-way O2O, that line both want to bring online , in order to achieve a single consumer to repeated consumption , but also will be brought online line down, so online resources into spending power.

   We give a solution made by an operator : "Wisdom female anchor " in the various colleges and universities "wisdom female anchor ," the selection of new members , video production , and then let the students vote , the students not only want to look at their own school how the female anchor performance , but would like to see another school female anchor looked like , but the vote , then it must focus on the micro-channel account , therefore, the use of resources under the line , converting them into line. Then, by now published online activities , transforming them into the operator's users, in order to achieve a good " open- closed loop ." This is the plan , be sure to use the bidirectional properties.

   Micro Marketing heatwave has subsided , he returned to the essence of marketing . If we say that marketing is a battle , micro marketing is a commando , commando troops inseparable whole , if not the whole army , commando expect to complete the task , then, is almost impossible . But if there is no overall forces commando , might in the face of the deadlock, but also overwhelmed. So, how to make good use of micro- marketing, not only winning the enemy , but to win prize draw , is a challenge every marketing person in the mobile Internet era, all that must be met !

   When your micro marketing failure when you come to this article retrieve it, if you believe that the micro- micro-Bo had less than 1 /8 of a job , too seriously ?

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