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A coffee shop coffee microblogging marketing program planning comprehensive book microblogging marketing case

Microblogging account settings

① enterprise microblogging microblogging name is " brand + industry + company" , the individual micro- Bo " brand or company + names ." We can set the name of the official microblogging " Zhaohuaxishi Café" , the company employs microblogging name can be set to " Zhaohuaxishi + names"

② avatar enterprise microblogging microblogging official registration with the corporate brand logo , personal micro-blog to real avatar registration . Transparent approach , will give the audience one kind of integrity microblogging public image.

③ introduction column introduces brand culture, philosophy , and content companies able to provide customers and so on. High quality active microblogging users before attention must-see places . We Zhaohuaxishi introduction , culture , location , slogan not come out , the plan to get out quickly .

④ label brands and concern written on the topic of cultural property , the target audience will be interested in the content. Many Weibo users find information in person or through the microblogging labels to find, but also an effective way to let others see. We Zhaohuaxishi labels can be set to : Zhaohuaxishi coffee cafe in Zhengzhou , Zhengzhou food, coffee, etc.

⑤ microblogging skin add brand image for the background , and in the notes on the left and right ends of the brand, advertising language and other instructions.

Can be divided into official microblogging microblogging , microblogging to individual employees . Official microblogging prominent brands and ideas spread , publish product promotions and events . Open private letters , the depth of interaction , the interaction involving consumer information , the private letter will be first choice of consumers .

Company employees microblogging highlight the cultural atmosphere and composition of the enterprise microblogging " matrix " to achieve maximum effect microblogging marketing.

Posted microblogging content

  Want to use content to attract potential clients , first make sure the target groups better understand their career , hobbies, work and rest rules .

Microblogging content published try to diversify the audience valuable contents illustrations as possible , giving the audience a good browsing experience for the contents of a characteristic can add " subject " in order to facilitate microblogging search .

Some examples can publish content:

① introduce brand story in a relaxed , humorous language to showcase the brand 's characteristics , origins and development.

② introduce their team such as the introduction of team members, corporate meetings, dinners lens, tourism scene , internal training , work and rest time staff photos or stories , these methods are to introduce their team through the details .

③ microblogging introduce the company's office space, including workshops , factories, offices, conference rooms , warehouses and other environments , and with photos or video , visual display of results obtained .

④ to help the company's image positive information such as the company received the honor , the performance events such as corporate social responsibility .

⑤ general manager of the speaker . General manager 's philosophy, values will have an impact on corporate customers, the general manager of microblogging generally have a greater influence, many users are more willing to talk directly to the general manager and the strong affinity on the microblogging .

⑥ remarks forwarded to third parties by means of a third-party evaluation of corporate speech sounds can be a third-party industry experts , network media can be a strongman , where fans can be opinion leaders . Use third-party voice influential people affected wider audience .

⑦ about the customer's use cases of enterprise sales experience and ideas , suggestions and other positive information , can be described using the micro -blog , but remember to be true, because " bad news travels ' performance is particularly evident on the Internet .

⑧ publish specialized product knowledge to show their expertise in micro-Bo , do not say layman let target customers know that we are the best in this industry , we have a corporate culture and values , we have an affinity , it is worth trust !

⑨ released a new product or business promotional products or promotions in the official microblogging microblogging release to be creative with the entertainment nature of the product promotions.

⑩ added to the hot topic of discussion in the community , to be evaluated. ( Evaluation should be a compliment , right , the public can accept )

11 To understand the weaknesses Weibo microblogging information is too simple , and easy to sink to the bottom . Approach is to compensate as much as possible microblogging official blog and link to the home page of the log sns sites on public and they can be more systematic , transparent, detailed record complete information of an enterprise microblogging can help the audience on more real to us , more comprehensive experience.

  In addition , the company released the contents , but also links farther on other social sites to link to the brand such as Q & A platforms , video sites , SNS community , scouring rivers and lakes , etc. in order to expand business across the internet visibility and influence Meanwhile also note microblogging release time and frequency of day generally 7-9 points 12:00 -14 points, 18 points -21 points primetime day number should be 10 micro -Bo - .. 15 is appropriate .

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