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Micro-channel operation Experience: 34 ground gas micro-channel operation experience sharing public number

1, for the micro-channel authentication to enhance trust in business is very important, so do everything a little earlier through micro certified letter , the more difficult it handled later , after the first chaos Daiji .

Two , do not sit at home and learn a micro-channel marketing , we should always go to some micro-channel marketing QQ group, take a look at what everyone else is talking about in these group where you can learn a lot.

3 , push, do not have to push every time articles to promote some small knowledge and skills , as well as a joke . Travel, car , also a good way to help as long as the potential customers and readers can , each time pushing a micro-blog with the same content because the small amount of information does not affect the lives of our customers subscribe to , and can be learned new knowledge, this is a very popular public account .

4 , to see a lot of people , often with micro-channel to promote their products to their own friends , this is the wrong approach. Doing so may cause you to lose this friend , if you want to take advantage of micro-channel business, please re- apply for an account, used to sell products , do not sell products to their own friends , this will make your friends feel that people are too impersonal , nothing too utilitarian interests ran along , many of my friends will leave you.

5 , micro-channel content Choose the right image is very important, often go and associated micro-blog and web site to get some of the industry's image , make micro-channel marketing, pay attention to detail. And graphics to match the text does not figure . Subdivision forum , because the forum is available for customers to choose different levels of sharing , but also to give readers a selection of the room .

6 , push content , evening or afternoon push content best to consider these time periods because readers have enough time to read during the day and push content , suitable for product promotion , then customers can order products , bringing a real product sales .

7 , businesses learn first micro-channel customer service 500,1000 , how many users does not mean that marketing capabilities, is just a number , the user's interaction and concern value is the value of micro-channel marketing is the core , to create more and readers communicate with the topic , the reader care topic for the whole public account active.

8 , the water does not flow becomes stagnant , the public account no activity is a dead number, so every day the contents of the editor is active core value , if in fits and starts network will have no value.

9 micro-channel marketing to combine local market consumption concept , geography culture , regional culture and all as a reference , otherwise all of your content and toiled in vain , operating micro-channel marketing companies should be for the industry to bring independent views , to promote the industry development driven , customer service -oriented


10 , emphasis on interaction. Because it is not micro -Bo , you can attract a large number of people and comments forwarded only through communication with customers to get the trust of customers .

11 , in preparation for marketing products , before doing the entire product marketing plan , pushing the contents of the most important , because the content will directly affect the reader's purchase , the content is the best way to warm up . How long is the key and then preheated foreshadowing finally reached deal.

12 , now we have a misunderstanding , I hope everything is achieved through micro-channel marketing , and ultimately to customers to buy products, do not forget to let customers dial telephone ordering , and interpersonal communication can solve most buy them questions.

13 , do micro-channel marketing, preferably in conjunction with other products that use Tencent , such as QQ and QQ space used together to achieve better marketing , because the future mobile Internet marketing will be the trend of the marketing chain connections .

14 , do micro-channel marketing is equivalent to doing a fine publication industry , the key lies in the quality of content . Quality content will be shared by many people , will form viral marketing . Small and beautiful content strategy .

15 , micro-channel function itself has been fixed , the real micro-channel marketing can play a role in the editorial content of the team back , and their layout capabilities , aesthetics, independent views on the industry directly affects the power of micro-channel marketing .

16 , was asked: micro-channel is not a marketing tool ? I said , do you think that is, you do not think it is not , a knife you use it to kill it is a killer tool, you abandoned is a broken iron . Do not argue with people , Tencent know it.

17 , many micro broad grassroots want to press No. playing micro-channel, to get hold of micro-channel large , such an approach does not work, in a very short period of time get a lot of fans , and is a regular operation, and can easily be Tencent sealing , micro-channel marketing is more suitable for enterprise .

18 , good accurate keywords reply function , this can guide the reader through a better understanding of what kind of approach you personally and your business , to get the reader 's trust

19 , a careful analysis of their own industry , the need for the public to use micro-channel platform , in fact, many SMEs and self-employed as long as the use of micro-channel circle of friends can do business , in fact, did not understand the significance of micro-channel public platform . Then a small individual should also have their own brand.

20 , how to create content, content must be original do not necessarily , if you do not want to create the industry's first leader 's position , the content need not be original, but one thing you must do is to add their own ideas !

21 , we respect the customer , but do not please the customer , cancel attention sooner or later Unfollow , as long as you have been providing value , leaving always stay.

22 , to rely on micro-channel marketing channels , with channel advantage is that every day you can get a stable fans , rather than one day into the hundreds of fans , another three days there would be no fans attention.

23 , do micro-channel marketing is done or do individual micro-channel micro-channel public account, I think these two are not contradictory. Can take care operations, if you I work 1-2 individual stores , it is recommended to operate the public micro-channel , if it is a large store , it must be better to use on the public account.

24 , do not be carried away by micro-channel marketing case , those one million fans cases untrue, those very real case , you need to analyze it, they put much manpower and material resources , the number of back office staff . How many potential customers ?

25 , making effective micro-channel marketing is very slow , it would take a lot of time fans precipitation , precipitation usually takes months or even six months of the time in order to receive some results and profits, the most important thing is to stick to it .

26 , in a very short time in order to obtain a large number of fans, must rely on the media . Remember: success depends on the media . Of course , in conjunction with the actual situation of their own choosing the right media is paper media or online media or radio and television media .

27 , insist on is very important. You write an article , the reader does not necessarily endorse you, but when you write 50-100 when Hou readers will recognized you, so adhere to the most important .

28 , clear every communication , interaction, who is the object push , the more the reader to understand this person , the higher the trust , including his positions in the company , name, contact information.

29 , the simple is power , do not put their public accounts into a universal micro-channel functional applications , free music, chatting robot , these functions will only dilute the core values , please delete these features, simple is power.

30 , micro-channel operation is intended to maintain the customer relationship , with 99% of the time to cultivate customer trust. Do not dwell on sale in January took 29 days of time to cultivate customer , one day 's time sale may be more effective . Please forget sales . Paving the way for the sale of more than warm .

31 , micro-channel marketing does not have any marketing tips , the fight is the input and execution, does not want to invest a lot of fans wanted to get it is impossible , do not just stare at three months get 900,000 fans of the case , think about people put how much capital invested much manpower , if you do not want to spend too much money , you can choose to invest time , together with executive power in place, content to attract , you can achieve the same goal .

32 , do not push too busy every day a lot of content to potential customers , creating readers can communicate with the topic , you have to know all the value comes from communication, push even the best content , it is better to communicate with the readers carefully once .

33 , and would like the reader to create more opportunity for communication , it is necessary to ask more questions readers . Ask what time readers like to receive content , I hope readers do so and so . So is your backstage team to rely on .

34 , do not be those three months 1,000,000 cases dazzled fans , fans more , if not converted into value , still useless. We need to target those fans are fans, fans of quality is more important than the number of fans .

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