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How to design a European-style website? Descriptive analysis of European and American style Web Design Discussion

European and American style website design gives the first impression is concise, focused , page text and pictures are relatively small, text and pictures shuffle is also relatively small , and the text descriptions and pictures are more compact and concentrated display but closely associated , so that visitors can find what they want clear precise searching and finding information . Because the text than the picture content to be expressed more focused and accurate. In addition to some entertainment or product promotion pages or sections channels will be animated ads with substantial publicity, basic text descriptions are very delicate simple , even lengthy article , they will be through paragraph composition , the article proper divided into several parts , so as not to let the viewer feel tired of reading .

   The difference between domestic and foreign sites with their own estimates culture and education, and even language other factors. Usually what we call foreign websites is Europe site, but also as described above is mainly for European and American users, other countries such as South Korea will be another domestic designers often draw on style, but this style is definitely not appropriate to establish English website .

   Standing on the application of metaphorical images convey very content , image processing is very delicate , and the division of the region with a very reasonable and appropriate block size , but are generally concentrated in the page header or middle position , few in the page and block scattered scramble situation. While European and American style pictures on the site of a very prominent role in advertising , in order to highlight the effect of publicity , often will use a substantial picture or animation , so these will generally be placed in the middle of the page header or striking position . Use a text display is also very particular location , text and pictures are generally distributed in two blocks , the less use of photo-text approach , even with the way photo-text , images, and text spacing will be larger. This causes the contents of images and text separately , so that the effect is more prominent text .

   Traditional Web sites abroad more attention practicality and convenience , they will spend a lot of time to make a lot of good practical details , features, while most of the plain but very effective ;

   Very fancy foreign users privacy, so foreign websites of personal information and privacy are very protective , in addition to privacy provisions, the details need to be strengthened privacy protection Description and function ;

   Europe website design application of color on some of the main colors are generally used gives a stable deep colors, such as : gray , dark blue , black and so on. But in addition to these basic background of the use of European and American style website designer will apply some colorful , showing strong color applied to the design of the site in the past, such as some electronic products, media and entertainment or propaganda websites will apply these colors to enhance the viewer's impression of the viewer in order to achieve increased sensory stimulation effect , but generally will be of the same color or single color. Sometimes, in order to highlight the performance of the designer , when some of the content will through the application with contrasting primary colors or larger color display content as the background color , so that the contents of the entire site becomes more prominent .

   European and American users are not accustomed to bright , garish colors and design style, they are more in love with simple, plain and rigorous style , even though many large sites also this style ;

   Europe website on the home page, do not usually put too much content , it's rare to place ads , they tend to be made of all kinds of home functions , plate guide interface , even if there is content of the performance , is relatively simple , does not exceed 2 screen , completely unlike the accumulation of a large number of domestic websites like advertising and content ;

   Foreign websites designed for security requirements are very high, and many services and functions need to be a secure connection , while domestic only transactions, bank and other sites will be noticed ;

   Foreign commercial users of the site 's credibility is serious , if you are not described in detail on the website presentation, examples and provide sufficient enough to establish a rigorous and reliable process , then you can easily lose users.

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