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How to increase the micro-Bo fans how to promote increased quality of the micro-Bo fans?

1 How do you treat others , how others treat you .

2 Why do you want to play microblogging ? You want all the people to listen to you? Need it ?

3 Do your micro-blog content targeting .

Twitter Tutorial 1: microblogging generated from the information explosion era, people need to be more simple and faster way of communication and access to information shortcuts. Popularity of smart phones is a microblogging catalysts. Record carrier of human civilization from the cave , bones bamboo , paper, tape , CD discs , database, information to the cloud factory. Writing transfer tool from natural pigments , tools, printing presses , typewriters , telephone, TV , PC computer to the phone. Everything is still evolving .

Microblogging Tutorial 2 ; how to write micro-blog, first of all they do a good job positioning . Most people are used to record personal life trivia insights on life and feelings while to get useful information for anyone interested or concerned about the topic . Microblogging and diaries different , some can write diary microblogging inappropriate, but the development of the Internet , personal privacy has been difficult to confidentiality , you are using Internet search will reveal your privacy with , so why not let themselves more open to write microblogging into the Internet.

Microblogging Tutorial 3 ; write microblogging microblogging functionality you need to know how to transfer pictures , made music videos, @ is to inform someone Tutorial # # microblogging is used to search for additional topics . How to focus on people who are interested to find useful information , microblogging and hall to be familiar with . Maybe you do not care how much you fans , do not care about other people's opinions and comments , in accordance with their own ideas and experiences come into play , when himself is also good to maintain the state of freedom of self .

Microblogging Tutorial 4 : How to write an influential microblogging , if you do not want to be concerned about being interrupted can be ignored. First you put at least the top 500 micro bloggers careful study it again, to see how they write . Why can such a high concern , of course, is because many celebrities recommendation, can be recommended also need cunning . Also find more high high comment microblogging forwarded to analyze , they would understand what is hot , what you like and discussions .

Microblogging Tutorial 5 : How to find the right you through micro-Bo Bo Friends and useful knowledge . Learn microblogging functionality and usability techniques. Your avatar and personal introduction as your business card is an important first impression. To manage their own microblogging labels make it easier for you to find the same loving Friends of Bo . Multi- use microblogging search for your topic of interest , looking for micro-Fair city has let you surprise discovery. Are you concerned about what people will decide what you can get pleasure and knowledge.

Finally sharing paragraph, write to the new micro-Bo Cai Wensheng recommendations .

Cai Wensheng : celebrity no chance that they are not written microblogging is misconceptions. In fact, to do anything from small to large , well-known to all celebrities are never known . In fact, many celebrities get recommended attention , can be recommended to a certain degree stops. Celebrities also took part in written or write well , and how to do better is the key. Grassroots microblogging not a celebrity , but also a lot to do thousands of attention. Easy to find reasons to do it yourself is not the way to success .

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