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Tencent microblogging easy and simple profiteering do Taobao latest methods detailed Secret

Today and share the latest methods to do Taobao , we all know Baidu updated more frequently, alone simply do site do SEO Ranking SEO results do not only work hard but also without a degree of certainty , so many people began with some of the high weight of platform do Taobao , today the sun coming on and share with you how to use Tencent microblogging do Taobao , but very simple , do not want SEO that every day for the original article , for the relevant outside the chain and distress .  

First give you a few Liezi , we take a look at Tencent microblogging do SEO results :

Baidu search elements breast oil , Baidu index is over 600 , Tencent microblogging is ranked second , the effect is also good , we open microblogging again analyze :
Made a total of only 16 broadcasts, and they are released 2012.9.26 number twelve days from now the time is very short , indicating that the effect pretty good. Do not need to add any analysis, registered good microblogging account that contains the keyword spelling , good control of the entire page keyword density , it's that simple , people learned the SEO process is very simple since this matter . How kind is not better than their hard building site on a daily basis like the original article , do outside the chain , waiting for ranking points to be worried about whether Baidu K relaxed a lot.
We come under the other cases cited :

Reduction Yam chart , Baidu index 166. Baidu ranked second,

Broadcast number 26 , number 10.25 begin to microblogging , less than 20 days from today, it looks like, now we should be able to do that microblogging Taobao effect of it, very simple and very fast , as long as doing keyword density then left on microblogging Taobao link, you can, and does not require customer has other subsequent operations.


More than 2800 index , ranking eighth in 90 broadcast took rank scored , and if do SEO , it is estimated three months may not be able to enter the home .

How can grow taller Baidu index over 300 ranked 5 with a day made a 11 micro-Bo scored

Collagen which brand is good Baidu index over 800 ranked No. 8 11.10 microblogging still doing 43 to win

Aphrodisiac Baidu index over 600 ranked eight micro-Bo made a 14 to win the

 Able to dig out the use of Tencent microblogging do Taobao case is also very, very much, and is currently in operation with a long tail keywords are mainly some hospitals the kind words , we can say who the real Taobao is also doing very little , especially with the large quantities of long tail keywords still do very, very small, it is recommended by the SEO -based learning can be as large quantities of registered Tencent Weibo , the use of long tail keywords quantities do, is very simple and easy , but the effect is very good , as long as the ranking up, you can wait for a passive income . Website utilize SEO to do than to do it much easier , even more than do Baidu, Baidu , and Baidu library applications are much easier, after all, not what the competition. How, is now seen action , or choose to continue to wait.

Finally say a few words:
  1. today would be very cruel, very cruel tomorrow , the day after tomorrow will be very good , but most people will die tomorrow night !

  2. to help others help themselves equal !

  3. the fastest way to success is to find a good mentor , and then copy , imitate , copy, follow suit. ( Simple , obedient, did so )

  4. a project designed to not be doing this today , tomorrow, do that ! Otherwise, what the project did not do a good job , one day Fudge Fudge gone ! Time flies

    Soon ! Day planned ! ! !

  5. struggle , do not ignore the family around them , take care of your people's feelings , feelings are expressed , and the need for timely action .

  6. the body is the capital of revolution , health is always the first one, pay attention to exercise, work and rest.

  7. more communication, more exchanges, more clicks on the ad , more sharing , more to help others . The feeling of your heart to others , others must be able to feel .

  8. would be a problem , so is the answer , lost in hesitation , winning in action ! Correct execution is the key to open the door to wealth .

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