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What is alexa? World ranking and alexa ranking What is the difference?

Rank this thing, often through establishing the authority of others , to establish myself in authority. "Forbes" to China 's richest ranking , made rich boss unhappy results have been questioned authority myself . A great little site called net toss for a while university ranking , not only did not allow yourself to become authoritative , but also almost lawsuits . Still do not go well , engage people still do ranked reluctant to leave , ultimately, to others or because the ranking , the way you can make a name for myself . The emphasis in our ranking of the country, which is a lot of people see the real benefits.

  A few years ago , for attracting VC ( venture capital ) of the eye needs , domestic . COM have also been to a CNNIC's website ranking , and bruising badly beaten, cheating canvassing vilification do anything . Those days people really admire CNNIC fame , those people just are not easily visible to the CEO who return home together, holding meetings , send prizes , pat on the back , so it was agreed that the most authoritative. COM non CNNIC perfectly. CNNIC come and go but the last voices of skepticism to be baffled , face quite embarrassing, that the authority of the website ranking eventually had to Samsam exit.

   Three or four years later, when the keen CNNIC rankings . COM are listed on the market, disband disband , do survive , most are busy making money profit, had to attend to the eye , is no longer fantasy VC or IPO. However, if there is an opportunity at a top one on the list is still is a very delightful thing , can not but visibly render rendering. Despite a warning CNNIC ranked on a reputation of two little authority no small companies, through tinker rankings, maybe you can make up your own authority at once , at least, can still mingled some fame . However, those investigators did not no money, no technical small company , you want to tinker with an "authority" ranking, still need some courage and boldness.

   Do not know the day , it was suddenly found a company called Alexa , this homely small company , even seven or eight years as one day have been doing the hard working unknown rank websites around the world uninteresting job. The Alexa hit Newton's head suddenly became a company that big apple, while brainstorming after a great idea spontaneously. Alexa data they take over , a little finishing (copy and paste), marked with a " Barbara Wang Mazi ," the symbol, preceded by XX website popularity on the nomenclature of the authority to release it. If this is really the authority of the third-party authority , you organize its data finally have some elbow grease ; if this third party are fundamentally unreliable, you're so worked tirelessly to another track is finishing, in addition to mislead users , it is only deceiving the .

   Fortunately , Alexa this company I had heard , back in 1998 , I installed a named Alexa Toolbar them to develop a browser plug-in. At that time I was doing a software download site, in order to write the software , constantly try all kinds of strange software . This plug in my browser adds a new toolbar to provide Internet users surf some handy features, such as search engines, website information , related links , etc., but it is a free software. But with a few days I'll Alexa Toolbar uninstalled because it always kept me browsing the site information to Alexa.com, ate my limited bandwidth , slowing down my browsing speed, and let my browser becomes very unstable. I put on my website Alexa Toolbar star rating reduced to 3 from 4 stars.

   Alexa on their website said that from September 1997 released the first version of Alexa Toolbar onwards , Alexa Toolbar has accumulated been downloaded more than 10 million times, and now used worldwide Alexa Toolbar users have millions of people . Collected by the Alexa Toolbar users to browse information for analysis and comprehensive reading and page number to reach the user data , Alexa homeopathic launched its own Web site traffic ranking. However, this ranking is rarely regular Web site references , with the world's nearly 600 million Internet users , compared and, even if there are hundreds of people using the Alexa Toolbar, its effectiveness remains doubtful sample . Alexa admits , " is based on Alexa traffic data the user's settings , may not be the global Internet population, a representative sample ," You can say that this ranking largely reflects Alexa Toolbar users' preferences.

   An interesting phenomenon is that in the Alexa traffic rank Top500 site, the number of Korean site more unusually , the world's largest flow of five sites in South Korea accounted for two . Alexa explained: "In our top websites in Korea too prominent site in a way reflects the well-known high usage internet Korea , South Korea Alexa may also be a disproportionate number of users ." But there are users that Alexa rankings in Korea actually some professional website ranking higher than portal.

   In a foreign BBS, many personal website owners to share the experience to improve Alexa ranking . A user named rodpuga said: " Every day I normally just by visiting my site in the one that I will be able to rank forward 500,000 . Before I installed the Alexa Toolbar two weeks time ! This site has moved from 10th ten thousand jump to the first 10,005 one thousand . " signature Bogglesworld another user said:" Two days ago I installed the Alexa Toolbar, a unit installed , installed a home and I have from the first 100,000 jump around No. 30000 , which means that as long as the installation of one or two Alexa Toolbar, you can jump forward significantly . "

   Alexa Toolbar only in English , so it is almost no users in China , in other words , a handful of the Alexa Toolbar installed on the user's personal preferences, will China Alexa website ranking play a decisive role . Since the user to install the Alexa Toolbar can effectively improve the rank of their sites , so if a web site to all its users recommend Alexa Toolbar, will undoubtedly significantly improve the site's ranking . In order to confirm my guess , I specifically visited South Korea ranked third in Alexa website Daum.net, it was found that a priest he presided over Daum.net column to users solemnly recommended Alexa Toolbar. Could be envisaged , if Sina want to replace Yahoo Alexa ranking first position, is fully able to do , the easiest way is highly recommended to their users Alexa Toolbar, just as each news portals are all in the back of the same grand recommended CNNIC survey . PConline in order to further improve their ranking, the user can introduce this to their excellent tool - Alexa Toolbar, and put the software on their own local fast download channel for users to download .

   I think , Alexa should feel honored , except in 1999 it was acquired by Amazon , and in 2001 was indicted privacy organizations , it has been a long time no such attention . Now , there are some Chinese companies to Alexa as authoritative , and use this authority to decorate their own authority , basically considered to be mutually beneficial win-win game , compared with a fake ID to vote also came civilization and humility. Perhaps soon , Alexa Toolbar various Chinese website will be the best gift to the user , a universal Alexa Toolbar campaign will set off in China .

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