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Want Baidu prefer your station unmissable Baidu official recommendation of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated SEO), refers to the order from the search engine to get more free traffic from the site structure, content building programs , such as user interaction propagation angle and proper planning to make the site more suitable for search engines retrieve principles.

SEO can help the site in better quality content presented to the search engines , SEO and search engine , is benign symbiotic relationship .

Since SEO since around 1997 , and gradually differentiate into two types of SEO behavior :

A class called " white hat SEO", played a kind of SEO website design improvement and the role of norms , so that the search engines and more user-friendly , and to obtain more reasonable traffic.

Search engines encourage and support the " white hat SEO", to help the website better for white hat SEO, we launched "Baidu search engine optimization guide ," suggesting that in accordance with the guidelines to optimize the website, you can get better results .

Another is called " black hat SEO", the use of this type of behavior and amplification SEO Search Engine Strategies defects ( actually perfect system does not exist ) for more user visits , and these additional visits, based on the cost of damage to the user experience , therefore, faced with acts of black hat SEO , search engines will be through a number of strategies to curb .

If your site uses some black hat SEO means , but will affect the site 's performance in search engines , serious or even disappear from Baidu .

SEO is an important and complex task , employing formal white hat SEO consultant or SEO company can help to better optimize your site. However , there are some unethical SEO will use some exaggerated propaganda to deceive webmaster, or use black hat SEO methods to get traffic , resulting in optimized achieving the desired effects even as black hat SEO and adversely affected.

If you are preparing or have to hire SEO companies , please note the following:

Examine whether the other party has a stable success stories ;

Confirm each other on your site changes follow the " Baidu search engine optimization guide " ;

Develop indicators to measure SEO results easy to measure SEO results ;

No one can guarantee that Web sites in Baidu search results ranked first.

SEO can help you be a better site in the high-quality content presented to the search engines, get more traffic, but no one can guarantee that your website ranked first .

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