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Operational knowledge - Tencent microblogging operators coping strategies after ad

Internet marketing is now a way that is really strange, super multi-method. And we are talking about today is the way operators Tencent microblogging way.

Tencent microblogging where we operate, it will inevitably encounter peer competition or some junk messages posted in the blog of. In response to these ads, we come to face and deal with it?

Today, the driving force for enterprise customers to our operations and their own micro-micro-Bo Bo to summarize some of the views:

(If your microblogging fans did not reach a million or more, the possibility of harassment are basically advertising is very low.)

1, to report, we can for each micro-micro-Bo Bo or comments can be reported. (In this way must wait Tencent to deal with, but Tencent microblogging operations team is fairly strong, basically five minutes can be solved, if it is advertising, basically can be deleted, but sometimes I encountered a few obvious is advertising, but Tencent that is not advertising);

2, apply yourself microblogging certification. So long as it is uncomfortable to see comments or broadcast, can be deleted, and of course the ad, you can own hands immediately deleted. Of course, when you delete, you can select 'Delete all reviews of this person' or 'blacklist', a once and for all!

3, you can use enterprise certification, there is an increase to assist administrators, operators together to help administrators manage microblogging is a good choice. Can make you a people management can be distributed to multiple people at the same management.

Well, today enterprises summed up what the source of power to deal with Tencent microblogging approach for advertising of a few.

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