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LAMP architecture and technical training

Our technicalteam isin the large,medium-sized enterprisesengaged in theLAMP architectureaspects of development workandleddevelopment projects.Sowe have accumulated awealth of experience.

Ifyour teamhas the followingquestions, you canlook forour help andtechnical exchanges, we are verypleased toprovide the following technicalsupport:

1, linuxserveroperation and maintenanceaspects of thedifficult problems, we need totroubleshoot theservice;

2, PHPdevelopment frameworkofrules;

3, MYSQLMYSQLdata table structureoptimization andconsolidation;

4, APACHEorNGINXWEB serverperformance optimization;

5, the stationfull-text searchrelated training(SphinxandCoreseek);

6,the Linux-basedload balancingdeployment(LVS);

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