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With the further popularization of network and the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more people began to seek convenience in the network. Things online and have the time, trouble, worry, etc., and thus by more and more popular. Online shopping, including the purchase of daily consumer goods and gifts to buy, has been considered to be an integral part of the public way to shop, and in such a large e-commerce environment, B2C e-commerce platform development prospects undoubtedly was very great.

We are here in order flowers online business platform project as an example, citing B2C e-commerce platform for some of the important functions and features, but for different elements of the project, we can also provide different projects and programs and services.

Flowers booking platform for the surfers and website owners to build up a network platform designed for the majority of online florist businesses to provide a safe, reliable, fully operational processes to support e-commerce sales of flowers powerful platform, viewers and potential customers in this the entire transaction can be carried on the platform, the communication process. System set membership, products, ordering system, order management, integration management, promotion management, optional floral, online payment for one, personalized form of expression combining powerful support for the enterprise provides a simple, fast, scalable e-commerce platform. At an affordable price to more businesses and individuals to provide advanced and stable platform for online store development services.

In our B2C e flowers Mall, for example, B2C e-Flowers mall platform has the following salient features:

1 to create their own online flower store, through the network effect to help you round display florist's products;

2 Normative membership management capabilities to help analyze statistics and membership information, better care purchase a membership and potential buyers;

3 member integral system management, through increased consumption points, upgrade membership levels have greater product discounts; increase membership and websites viscosity;

4 for placing an online florist generally not the same person with the consignee the special circumstances, the system provides a special pre-set multiple consignee address information functions;

5 provides multi-attribute classification Exhibition care product support, you can set a variety of flowers shopping guide classification;

6 Points Redemption offers two kinds of bundling and promotions, richer promotional content of the site, our members and more concessions;

7. Provide product attributes price management functions, more humane. Operation more simple and convenient.

According to demand, we created a flower mall project case, the main contents include the following features:

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